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Our name indicates that Baptism is very important to us.  Every member of our church has experienced two Baptisms:

1.  They have believed & received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior & Lord (John 1:12), at which time the Holy Spirit spiritually Baptizes into the Body of Christ.

2.  They have publicly announced their belief through Believer’s Baptism by Immersion.


All our members have been Baptized by Immersion because that is what the Bible teaches.

We practice Believer’s Baptism.  This means that first you believe, then you are Baptized, because that was the order of the New Testament.  If you have been Baptized by immersion in another church, we accept that.  If not, we welcome you to reaffirm your faith by Baptism at Adamsville Baptist Church.


Though every believer in Christ should be Baptized, such an act will not in itself save anyone. Our good works, including Baptism by Immersion, cannot take away our sin.  Only Jesus Christ can take away our sin, “By GRACE are you saved through faith, not of works, are we to boast.”  (EPH.2:8)