Worship Ministry
Worship Minister: Lonnie Bear

The worship ministry at Adamsville Baptist Church exists to serve one purpose: to proclaim the glory of Christ by participating in worshiping Him in spirit and truth. We invite you to join us as we worship our Lord.

Audio/Visual Team: Jack Hyatt, Ryan Williams, McKennah Randall

Instrumentalists: Geneie Adams, Pat Dannheim, Ryan Williams


About Me:

I began serving as worship minister at Adamsville Baptist Church on November 1, 2017. I have been a member of this church since childhood. The past few years I have served as an instrumentalist/accompianist, alongside Geneie Adams and Pat Dannheim.

The vision that the Lord has given me as worship minister is to create an engaging and modern worship experience at Adamsville Baptist Church, while retaining our country/rural roots. The Lord says to sing Him a new song! Hymns of heritage hold deep spiritual meaning here, and we must continue introducing those songs to new generations. At the same time, many new and powerful worship songs are being shared at the churches all around us, and it is my responsibility to make sure we are sharing in that same worship experience.

I felt led to accept the worship minister position because I wanted to see our church improve in worship to the Lord. I don’t by any means feel that I am uniquely gifted to fill this role. Someday a more qualified and talented individual will be called to our church when the time is right, and bring us even closer to the Lord’s vision for worship at Adamsville Baptist Church. Until that time comes, I am going to do everything in my power to bring us an engaging and impactful worship experience that will be pleasing to the Lord.

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  January 2020