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Core Values


There are many Core Values for the Christian & the Church, but what we prize can be summarized in these Core Statements:

SALVATION is God’s free gift to us. Only by faith alone, in Christ alone, can anyone be born-again & saved from sin’s penalty. When we turn from our self-ruled life to Jesus Christ in faith, abundant & eternal life begins.

The supreme source of truth & guidance for God’s people is The BIBLE. God’s Word that is without mixture of error is the Christian’s divine Compass for all of life. The Scriptures are to be taught & ingested, because God’s people are not sustain by the bread of this world. “Mankind cannot live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” DEUT.8:3, MATT.4:4, John 6:48.

The CHURCH is a fellowship of baptized believers, redeemed by Christ & born into the family of God. The church is autonomous & subject only to Christ, it’s head.



Our church is a theocracy.” That means Christ is the head of His Church. As best we can, we do & believe as Christ would. Our highest honor is to be obedient to Him. At A.B.C., we employ a CONGREGATIONAL Style of government. That means we are to be obedient to the head, Christ, but the final human authority resides in the congregation; not in a board, committee, or pastor. We honor & support the God-appointed leaders of the church such as the pastors or Deacons. The Biblical N.T. Church’s decorum would look similar to the following:


> The Church is Pastor LED

> The Church is Deacon SERVED

> The Church is Committee ORGANIZED

> The Church is Congregation APPROVED

Jesus said: “I will build My Church...!” A.B.C belongs to Christ & is built by Him.