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What to Expect

Worship should always bring glory to God. The word “Glory” (“doxa”) means “shining.” Think of GLORY as meaning “to shine the spotlight on.” When we WORSHIP we give Glory to God. We shine the Spiritual spotlight on Him instead of ourselves.

Worship in many of our churches today range from highly emotional and expressive to formal and rigid. None are necessarily right or wrong, just preferred styles of worship. At A.B.C. we find a balance. We worship in an orderly fashion, but are relaxed enough to praise God with enthusiasm. You will appreciate our BLENDED music style, a practical Bible Message, in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. At times there will be laughter, applause, praise, and joy.

Every Christian needs to worship regularly. Worship connects us to God, and encourages peace and purpose.

Worship is at 10:45 a.m.