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Why Join a Church?

We believe God expects every Christian to belong to a Local Church.  A Christian without a Church Family is a contradiction in terms. (EPH.2:19-22).  There are at least Five Reasons why you should join a Local Church Family:

1.  BIBLICAL REASON - “Christ loved the church, & gave His life for it.”  (EPH.5:25)

2.  MATURITY REASON - the best environment for Christian maturity is a Bible Worshipping, Teaching Church 

3.  SUPPORT REASON - Membership identifies our family & helps us minister to you better.                                           

4.  MINISTRY REASON - Every team has a roster.  It shows who can be counted on to help to minister.  Christian service pleases God.  Members are usually are better servants.

5.  PERSONAL REASON - Spiritual stability occurs in the church.  The healthiest Christians are those involved in a Local Church.